To All Derby Lovers

I have had to make some very difficult decisions for priorities for the upcoming year. This included which projects I will still continue to operate and what needs to be discontinued.

As many of you know, I was very deeply involved in the creation of the Low Power FM radio service. This is a special FM radio service that involves the use of very low power radio stations that are operated by non-profit organizations to broadcast to their local communities. In the Phoenix area, KWSS-LP on 93.9 is one of those stations. In fact, I have been involved with both helping get KWSS to originally obtain their license and their recent move from 106.7 to 93.9 FM.

As of this writing on November 1, 2013, we are currently in the middle of a new LPFM station filing window where thousands of applications from across the nation are expected to be received and based on my experiences during the filing windows around 2000, I am going to be very busy. This is in addition to my real job as well as my personal life and somewhere in there, I also need to throw in a few hours of sleep.

With that said, I have had to make the difficult decision to discontinue and pretty much everything related to the Michi-chan franchise where it comes to roller derby.

Since my move from the Phoenix area in 2009, it has been getting more and more difficult to keep up on the happenings on the Arizona derby scene and other than scores, I truly can not provide any objective reporting on the subject. Since 2009, I have been very dependent on some people (and actually in some cases having to annoy people) to get the scores. Unfortunately, the leagues are still lacking at times where it comes to reporting final scores. Some leagues are better than the others.

Before any rumors start, I just want to be clear that there was no single incident or multiple incidents that made me reach this decision. I mean it. This is simply due to my inability to dedicate the time necessary to maintain the score data and the Arizona Power Rankings.

I am not going to destroy any of the data associated with derbydata as there is a lot of good archive information that did take some considerable research to compile. I will eventually make the archive data available through another source when time permits.

Over the years, I have had my good times and my bad times with this sport but along the way, I have met a lot of folks who have been supportive of what I was doing. I would like to take a moment to thank some of those folks including Dan The Plumber, (from AZDD) Rowdy Roulette and Red Rocker, (from AZRD) Psycho Sybil, (from AZRG) Suzy Homewrecker and Vintage Vixen, (from DDRD) Evol Starr and Rue Bea Rockett, (from TRD) everyone!!, (from AZ RRG) Hellbent Heather, (from Men's Derby) Space Case and (from NAzRD) Holly Ween. This is just a partial list of all of those who helped the Michi do her magic back in the golden days.

Arizona still has some of the most diverse roller derby in all of America and you should be proud of it. Please continue to support all of the local leagues, even if they play differently than you do. No matter what, please continue to support junior roller derby and make sure the derby stars of tomorrow get their first chance today. Please also continue to assure that access to opportunities in leagues (both skating and non-skating) are available to all, regardless of orientation, gender or gender identity.

Again, I say thank you Arizona for letting me share some great moments with you. Just know if I am ever in Phoenix on a Saturday night, you may never know when I may end up at a bout and perhaps, I may be wearing red plaid!



p.s. The domain is for sale. I feel that this domain can be used for one of different commercial purposes that involve different kinds of events that use the word "derby" (or perhaps Derby, England). I will be accepting serious offers with no offer less than $1,000 considered. Please visit REC Networks and leave your contact information.

Again.. thank you for your understanding.